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Tex Mexican

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 Mexican Sauces  

 Most of these recipes maybe used on any seafood, poultry, meat or vegetables

Green Sauce

Shanna's Green Sauce Tomatillo& Salsa Verde Sauces SC45
Lynn's Green Sauce  SC139
Kat's Green Spinach Sauce  SC120

James's Green Chili TMS16

Guacamole and Chipotle

Granny's Pumpkin Chipotle SauceTMS10
Pharonise Guacamole Salsa AP42
Shanna's Avocado CreamSC3
James's Cream ChipotleTMS25
Lynn's Raspberry Chipotle Sauce TMS26
Shanna's Raspberry Chipotle Chili Sauce TMS27
Lynn's California Avocado Sauce TMS28

Enchilada & Taco Sauce

Granny's Enchilada Sauce SC140
Lynn's Enchilada SauceTMS6
Lynn's Enchilada Pasilla Sauce TMS7
Kat's Enchilada & Taco Sauce  SC33
James's Taco Sauce  TMS20
Granny's Taco Sauce TMS21

Kat's Salsa Borracho for EnchiladasTMS8
Cullen's Chunky Enchiladas sauce TMS14 

Tex Mex Gravy

Granny's Picante Brown GravyGRA16
Kat's Chili Gravy SC116
Granny's Chili Gravy GRA17
James's Chili Gravy GRA18


Granny's  Jalapeno and Cilantro SauceTMS9
Lynn's Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce TMS11

Lynn's Jalapeno Cream Sauce TMS5
Pharonise Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce TMS17


James's Pablo Chocolate Mole TMS29

Picante Sauce Hot Sauce

Kat's Ranchero Sauce SC15
James's Salsa Picante Cruda AP43

Granny's Best Homemade Picante SauceSC16
Kat's Fresh Mexican SauceSC78
Salsa de Chili Serrano SC81

James's Taco Bell Hot Sauce TMS22

 Misc. Other Sauces

Granny's Pico De GalloSC4
Lynn's Salsalinda  AP44
Chili Sauce SC32
Kat's Spanish Sauce SC98
Kat's Cranberry Salsa & PicoSC101
Kat's Black Bean Puree SC103
Kat's Orange Juice SauceC29
Kat's Taco Mustard Sauce SC39
James Roasted Pepper Sauce SC87
Granny's Chili Hollandaise SC38
Granny's S Pico De Gallo Con AguacateC142
Lynn's Mexican Sauce TMS12
Lynn's Chili Colorado  TMS15
Lynn's Chili Sour Cream TMS19
Granny's Béchamel Sauce  TMS24

Red Sauces

Granny's Red Chili Sauce SC141
Granny's Red Chili SauceTMS1

Kat's Classic Red Chili SauceTMS2

James's Basic Red Chili SauceTMS3
Lynn's Almond Red SauceTMS4
Granny's Red SauceSC1

Seasoning &Gravy

Kat's Taco Seasoning SC107
James's Tex Mex Spice  TMS18

Kat's Chili Gravy SC116
Granny's Chili Gravy GRA17
Lynn's Taco Bell Meat Seasoning TMS23

Tomato & Tomatillo

Lynn's Roasted Tomatillo Sauce TMS13
Cullen's Cherry Tomato Salsa SC52


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